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Tools Tactics and Strategies to Help You Get Found Online

Expert Session: Learn How to Get Found Online

Tools, tactics and strategies to help you get found online.

What are you doing to bring in more website visitors and leads? Companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to inbound marketing agencies who help them get found online and multiply their ROI through increased site visits and lead conversions. Join us April 23, 2015 from 7:30-9am to learn why these strategies are so effective and how you can implement similar strategies at your business for little to no extra cost.

You will walk away with a greater understanding of inbound marketing, how to execute it, and the tools (free and paid) you can use to do it. We will cover a variety of tools, for all budgets, and show you how to use them together to achieve inbound marketing results for your company.

Inbound marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that has developed over the past 10 years, largely propagated by Hubspot, an inbound marketing software platform and the bible for all things inbound marketing. It has fast become one of the most effective marketing strategies and is used successfully by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses with under 10 employees. However, not all businesses can afford Hubspot’s software, and of those that do, many of them don’t know how to properly create and execute inbound marketing campaigns.

This session will teach you the elements you need to execute inbound marketing, even if you don’t sign up for Hubspot’s platform. You will learn:

  • The basics of inbound marketing tactics and strategies
  • What is a meta description, why is it valuable, and how many characters should be included in it?
  • Free tools you can use to evaluate your website and those of your competition
  • What keyword research is, the tools you can use to do it yourself, and how those keywords should be used
  • What are landing pages, why they are crucial for generating leads, and the tools you can use to easily create them
  • Basic SEO strategies and steps you can take today to increase your web presence
  • And much more…

Armed with this knowledge, any company can successfully set up and execute an inbound marketing strategy and start seeing results with little more investment than their time. Seating is limited so sign up to save your seat!

About the Speaker:

Aubrey Blankenship, Founder and Primary Strategist at Infuseally.The daughter of an entrepreneur, Aubrey Blankenship has a heart for small businesses and a passionate desire to help them succeed. She knows that small businesses don’t often have the resources available to larger businesses, and she focuses on providing tools and information that every small business can afford. Aubrey has provided inbound marketing analysis and execution for numerous marketing agencies and businesses throughout the Denver area and around the world. She founded INFUSEALLY in 2014 with a desire to give small businesses the tools and knowledge necessary to become tomorrow’s big businesses. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter @aubreyanneblank.Register now for Tools, Tactics and Strategies to Help You Get Found Online

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