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September 9, 2014


Aubrey Blankenship, Owner of INFUSEALLY, Big Marketing for Small BusinessI started INFUSEALLY with one single purpose, to help make individuals and the companies they work for successful. Many of my small business clients come to me for marketing strategy and execution because they lack the staff or the resources to adequately brand and promote their company. Typically, they use one person for their website, another for graphic design, they have a family member who manages their social media, and they create blog posts and emails themselves if and when they have the time. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, the result of this piecemeal marketing approach is a haphazard looking company with no brand and message consistency. Big company news is either never promoted, or it is published instantly with no strategy and immediately dies before reaching a majority of the target audience.

I like to think of marketing differently. The traditional marketing approach has always been to specialize in one area: content creation, graphic design, web design, email marketing, blogging, social media, or SEO. But when everyone is working independently in their respective areas, messaging, branding and overall marketing campaign focus can get lost.

So for the last 10 years I have been building my knowledge and experience in all of these areas to offer my clients a on-stop-shop for all their marketing needs. Because I have been practicing and honing my skills in these areas for over a decade, I can offer my clients unique insight into how each aspect can and should tie in to another.

I have also worked with several inbound and traditional marketing agencies and have consulted for clients with a few hundred dollars in the bank on up to hundreds of millions. This vast range of experience allows me to build and execute strategies that work for any size company across all industries, whether the goal is to increase leads, build awareness or promote a particular event.

I believe successful marketing requires two parts, first, a growth-minded company leader with expert knowledge of their industry and customer base, and second, a knowledgeable, experienced marketing professional who can work alongside them to build and execute a solid marketing plan.

I also use my knowledge and experience to teach marketing principles to those who want to increase their marketing knowledge and capabilities. I am the organizer of the Denver Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Group on MeetUp, teach marketing classes in the Denver-area, and have been a featured speaker at numerous events and conferences.

So if you’re ready to start marketing on purpose, I’d love to start a conversation. I look forward to helping you with all your marketing needs.

Aubrey Blankenship
Founder & Primary Strategist


WordCamp Denver 2016 SpeakerOrganizer of Denver Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Group